For amazing experience with woodwork


For amazing experience with woodwork



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Who we are

STRONGWAY TOOLS, L.L.C. is a Ukrainian-American company that is a taxpayer of the United States of America. Our manufactory is located in Ukraine, at the same time we have a warehouse in the USA.

STRONGWAY TOOLS, L.L.C. is a manufactory what has been engaged in blacksmithing for more than 10 years. We combine tradition and modernity and create professional woodworking tools , knives, leather goods and bushcraft stuff. All tools from STRONGWAY TOOLS are forged entirely by hand by our skilled craftsmen. That’s what gives to each of our tool that we create for you – its own soul and history.

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In the process of creating tools, we use quality-certified steel and wood. So you can be sure of the quality of the materials from which our tool is made. Choosing a product for yourself on our website, you can always read detailed information about the steel and wood  that were used in the creation of the tool exactly you have chosen. This information is always available in the description  to each item.


The design for each tool from Strong Way that you see is created by our specialist personally. To do this, we constantly study blacksmithing, because we want you to be able to receive a product that will be not only high-quality, but also convenient to work with.


Over the years, we have received a lot of positive feedback from masters of carpentry, carving, etc. For Strong Way it is very important that you can use the tool you received from us for a long time and enjoy while using it. With this in mind, our team personally tests the tools we offer you. So we can guarantee the quality of our tools, which, with properly use and care will last you a long time. Remember that you can also always contact our manager to get  some recommendations on the right  care of your tool and we will be happy to share our experience with you.

Strong Way Tools main concept

The main concept of our team is quality and fortitude. Our team has chosen its path – to improve, develop blacksmithing, work by providing jobs to the best craftsmen and adhere to an inviolable rule – to create the highest quality tool for our customers. We are not afraid to follow our own way and discover new ones. We respect our customers, and we want each of you to receive only high-quality, convenient tools and good service. We nonstop develop our skills so that every time you turn to us, you can find something that will satisfy exactly you.

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Have questions or need help? Use the form to reach out and we will be in touch with you as quickly as possible. Or email us service@strongwaytools.com