Bent Gouges Long Handle Cranked Neck Knife

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Weight 0.245 kg
Total length (cm)



ash tree


52100. HRC – 58-59

Blade Width (mm)


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Bent GOUGES long handle cranked neck knife has sharp blade so it makes the gouge knife easy and comfortable to use. This is so great that while working it is convenient to reach certain areas

of the product and the handle of the tool does not touch the surface. The handle is made from ash tree so it is hard to crack or deform.

The leather on the handle makes working with the tool more comfortable, as the tool does not slip in your hand. With this bent GOUGES long handle cranked neck knife you can make cuts in difficult places without damage, clean the background of the product, make a recess in the wood and to carve out your spoons, kuksas, and other projects. The special shape of the neck and long handle of this tool will

allow you to get the job done in hard-to-reach places and carve your amazing woodcarving projects with pleasure.

Bent GOUGES Long Handle Cranked Neck knife is also particularly useful to give a structural ornament to your products. Leather sheath is included

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