Carving Knife with octagonal handle 6


Blade length (cm)

Cutting edge length – 3 см

Handle length (cm)



Handle: ashtree. Octagonal shape. Handle coating – only oil!


52100. HRC – 58-59



Leather case

included Cover, leather thickness – 4 mm


This carving knife is designed specifically for green woodworking, delicate wood carving, chip carving wood, marking, handicrafts and fine woodworking.

The wood carving knife has a special blade shape for carving geometric wood, detail work, delicate work such as detailing sculpture, cutting small elements in wood.

Using the knife for carving easy make both smooth and curved geometric shapes.

The blade of the knife is made from high carbon steel 52100, hardened and sharpened. As soon as you get the pre-sharpened knife, you can immediately

use it as the carving knife is sharp right out of the box. No need to waste your time for sharpening.

The handle is made of ash wood and has Octagonal shape.

Octagonal Handle are specially designed for

increased grip strength by an average of 20% for superior performance and offers a comfortable, slip-resistant hold even with wet or sweaty hands.

Is perfect for extended use

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