Curved Leather Skiving Knife



ash tree Coating – stain, oil.

Total length (cm)


Handle length (см)


Knife length (см)


Blade width (мм)

30 mm

Blade angle

The blade has a one-sided sharpening angle!

Leather case



52100. HRC – 58-59.


The leather skiving knife made of high-strength, wear-resistant steel, which keeps sharpening for a long time of use.
ash tree handle perfect for your grip to help you work.
Each part is tightly connected and not easy to fall off, which can cut many types of material.
This cutting knife gets its name from its beveled edge, which offers optimal depth control while cutting.
It is good for neatly cutting away edges and tapering.
Suitable for leather professionals and beginners, easy to control, which can help you to make the perfect leather shape.
Ideal for beginners, professionals and leather craftsmen, excellently suitable for DIY leather process, leather cutting, skiving, edge, etc.

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