Hand Forged Carpenter Axe with long blade

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Total weight

1.595 kg

Handle length

65 cm

Head length

20.5 cm

Blade length

10.5 cm


Ash tree.
Smooth handle !
Handle coating: oil only!


HRC – 58-59.

SKU 13008

You can use it for felling, chopping, limbing, splitting, also you can use it for camping or at the backyard.
This axe could be your perfect helper in the forest.

You can also use the back of the axeas hammer to hammer the nails,or small wooden pegs if you want to build a campsite for the night.

We fixed the head to the handle and made a leather cover for handle protectection.

At the end of the handle there is a knob – it will allow you to confidently hold an ax in your hands when chopping large and medium logs.

The head of axe made from hand forged and hardened 52100 steel. HRC 58-59.

Sharp and ready to use out of pack.
Comes with a well fitted leather sheath.

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