Set of Wooden Mallets №3

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ash tree

1. Cone-shaped Wooden Mallet -Large

Total length: 26.5cm
Stroke length: 12.5cm
Stroke Diameter: 8.5cm
Material: Wood, Ash

2. Cone-shaped Wooden Mallet -Small

Total length: 26 cm
Stroke length: 12 cm
Stroke diameter: 6 cm
Material: Wood, Ash

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The set includes two handcrafted wooden mallets.
Both wooden mallets adopt ergonomic design: the heads of the mallets have a cone shape.
The handle of the mallets is sealed with leather.
The set is perfect for your workshop:furniture making, general woodworking, timber framing, upholstery, and general carpentry.
Also each tool of the set is available for order separately.

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