Swan Neck Hand Hoe Carbon Steel


Handle length

14 cm

Neck length

20 cm

Blade width

90 mm


Ash tree
Handle coating: oil only!


Hand forged carbon steel.


The Hoe is a small hand-held swan neck hoe for working and cleaning around your onions,a must for any vegetable enthusiast and equally invaluable for general cultivation with any closely growing plants.
Also for creating narrow trenches ready to sow seeds and plant seedlings.

This extremely handy tool can tackle any tight space.
Forged with high quality, carbon steel.
Hoe has blade with a sharpened edge for easy penetration into the soil.
The Hoe handles are made from the hardwood Ash, which absorbs impact.
The overall product is light, strong and comfortable.
The Hoe are quite sharp, please be careful when you use them.

Designed for use by both the professional and enthusiastic home gardener wanting that something special.

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