Wood Wax


Gross Weight

0.070 gr

Jar size

7x7x3.5 cm

SKU: 60008

Wax from Strongway tools is made to protect any wooden surfaces and can be used on all of your favorite wooden products. Also, wax will help you keep your tools with a wooden handle in good condition. Wax coating gives your wood water-repellent properties, prevents the penetration of water, leaving the pores of the wooden surface open (the wood breathes) and protects it from drying out.

Wax from Strongway tools is an ecologically clean natural antiseptic, decorative coating for wood, which has excellent penetrating ability. Not harmful to health, this wax emphasizes the beauty and reveals the texture of the wood, protects the wood from “blueness”,

rot, pests and weathering. Provides dirt-repellent and water-repellent properties

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